Choosing IFZA Approved Auditors in Dubai

Are you contemplating the commencement of your own independent company, while simultaneously pondering the myriad benefits inherent in establishing a business within the IFZA jurisdiction? A substantial number of individuals […]

Auditor Selection Rules

The Companies Act, 2013 lays down a precise framework for appointing auditors. Adhering to Section 139 and related rules is vital for smooth and compliant auditor appointments. Key Aspects of Auditor […]

GST on Real Estate Industry

Emerging as a preeminent global sector in the contemporary landscape, real estate is divided into four distinct sub-sectors: housing, retail, commercial, and hospitality. The dynamic surge in corporate environments, the […]

Setting up business in Dubai Free Zone

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DIR-5 Form: DIN Surrender

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Understanding the updated ITR

Introducing Enhanced Income Tax Return (ITR) In a move to encourage people to follow tax rules, the government brought in the idea of an “enhanced income tax return” in the […]

UAE Payroll Guide

In our increasingly interconnected world, differences are extending beyond national borders. Simultaneously, businesses are actively exploring new avenues in foreign markets. The United Arab Emirates (UAE), with its flourishing hub […]

Filing Online TDS on Property Sale

In the realm of property transactions within India, a vital directive mandates that a purchaser must enact Tax Deducted at Source (TDS) when acquiring an immovable property exceeding the monetary […]

MCA-restricted Company Name Terms

Picking the perfect name for your company requires careful thought, considering do’s and don’ts. Your business name holds immense power, capable of shaping its success or downfall. The Ministry of […]

Backlog Accounting In UAE

Backlog accounting refers to the process of catching up on a company’s past financial transactions and recording them accurately in its accounting records. In the context of the United Arab […]